May 07 , 2013  

Gemtek is holding a five-day event for important guests to see our newly launched products. This is a great opportunity for us to introduce most recent technology we are adopting and development we are embracing to you. The event will be organized in an exhibition form in which attendees could experience innovative ideas and solutions we are offering as a telecommunication service provider.

Gemtek aims to present our core product development themes at the exhibition. This includes competence in software and hardware integration, cloud system management, green life networking, the R&D approach for smart family and home entertainment applications, 4G LTE one stop shopping solution. The event intends to demonstrate the concepts that we have been improving our expertise in RF technology and strengthening experiences in Telco business.

Gemtek is delighted to show our commitment in being the leader and early mover in telecommunication industry and would love to invite you to enjoy efforts we are marking. We are showing our warm welcome to see you, witnessing our growth in the fields of wireless communication and networking.

Showcase at Myst Lounge Taipei during 2013 Computex
Venue: Myst Lounge, ATT 4 Fun
Address: 9th Floor, No. 12, SongShou Rd., XinYi Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan
Time:4-8th June 2013 10am-5pm

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